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Rules and Regulations

Marine Safety

IMO's work in developing international safety r​​egulatio​ns and recomme​nd​​​​ations for shipping.

Maritime Security

Maritime security is an integral part of IMO's responsibilities. A comprehensive security regime for international shipping entered into force on 1 July 2004.

Marine Environment

IMO's work in developing international regulations and recommendations to prevent pollution of the seas by ships.

Legal Affairs

Information on Liability and compensation regimes developed by IMO and issues dealt with by IMO's Legal Committee.

Human Element

Focuses on the human side of shipping - the people involved in every aspect of ship safety and prevention of mari​ne pollution, from seafarers to ship operators to port state control officers.


Information relating to IMO's work at the ship-port interface, including standardisation and harmonisation of procedures as well as security issues.

Technical Cooperation

Information on IMO's Technical Cooperation Programme whic​​h is designed to assist Governments which lack the technical knowledge and resources that are needed to operate a shipping industry successfully.

Member State Audit Scheme & Implementation Support

Implementation of IMO treaty instruments lies with States that are Parties to those instruments. The Member State Audit aims to determine the extent to which these States give full and complete effect to obligations and responsibilities contained in a number of IMO treaty instruments in their capacity as flag, port and/or coastal States.


The Conference Division is responsible for the co-ordination and servicing of all IMO Meetings in the six official languages of the Organization: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Communications and Outreach

A key element of the Organization’s work. IMO's Public Information Service promotes global awareness of the Organization, its programmes and activities through coordinated, connected and integrated outreach activities.​​